Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Update On My eBay Store And Business

Hello to my readers

It's been almost 8 months in 2017 so here is my update about my eBay store and business.

since my last update I've set my eBay store for better look and navigation. I've added more countries beside Israel, and also I've added more topical items.

My sales are picking up a step by step due to promotions and sales that I'm doing in my store.

Here are some numbers for the last 7 months:

January 2017

Sales: $42.03
Costumers: 7
Items sold: 11

February 2017

Sales: $50.38
Costumers: 9
Items Sold: 13

March 2017

Sales: $113.05
Costumers: 7
Items Sold: 30

April 2017

Sales: $86.52
Costumers: 10
Items Sold: 24

May 2017

Sales: $122.56
Costumers: 11
Items Sold: 15

June 2017

Sales: $57.60
Costumers: 4
Items Sold: 13

July 2017

Sales: $159.40
Costumers: 13
Items Sold: 24

The costumers came from: USA, Israel, Canada, Spain, Australia, Japan and many more.

What I'm trying to accomplish is to diversify the countries that I offer and also the more costumers from more countries.

You can check my eBay store Here and I will wait for your order.

You can also send me your wish list if you can't find your items from Israel to my e-mail address: divorcedff@gmail.com

Thanks for reading


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