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Nice to meet you, those who do not know me - Sharon Shoshani, 45, a divorced father of two.
I Like the investment world and the world of online sales.

The last two years I run a private investment portfolio, I buy and sell shares according to market analysis, I like the investment world, I am fascinated to read about the companies in which I invest or are considering investing. And enjoyed that money work for me. Once a month I publish in my blog the dividend income.

Apart from investments, I have been years in the sale of stamps through the Internet, I collect stamps since my childhood years, and familiarity with eBay, a new world opened to me in the field, where I sell, and buy, and meet new collectors.

I have a store on eBay with excellent recommendations. I had been working for years, few hours a day on my eBay store, but during and after the divorce, I did not have that time or physical resources.
The last six months I returned to run my store, and every month sales rise.
I flew to India because I felt I needed to make a change in my professional life. Before the flight I learned and worked in the insurance industry, but felt it was not for me. The pursuit after customers, and dozens of phone calls to people to coordinate meetings, and be smooth and not always true - it's just not me.

So I flew to India a month to think about what I want to do later in my professional life, and I returned saying to the world of investments and sales through the Internet.
I am a person who likes the quiet, working at the computer, meet people from around the world, and indeed entering my blog people from around the world including the Arab countries and the Far East.
After I returned, I decided to expand both of these areas.

So I go out to my delight a new way, and I'm looking for - a partner or investor.
A partner who wants to also sell over the Internet, and together can make a bigger business.
An investor who love stamps and willing to invest in me and the store, so I could buy new inventory for sale in larger scale, with greater advertising possibilities of the store.
I decided to make these areas to be my main income, invest hours of work and study, until they become passive income.

So if you or someone you know looking to invest in, or looking for a partner - would love to hear and talk.

I'd be happy to shares and move on.

My eBay store - Divorced Place

For more information please contact me at -

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