Thursday, March 03, 2016

eBay Store - Coins And Stamps Sales: 16 - 29 of February

The last 2 weeks were not so good in terms of sales, eBay was slow all around and for me it was also very slow and not good enough. So here are my numbers:

My eBay Store Name: Divorced Place

The dates: 16 - 29 of February

Number of items: 200 Unique listings (1297 items)

Number of Sold: 10 items

Worth of items (Not include shipping) : $32.44

Sale Of The Month of February: Get 10% off for few items.

Shipping cost : $2.50 As many items as you want.

So go and visit my eBay Store and buy as many items as you want there is also a new sale.

I need also to sell more items this week becuase at 13th of March I fly to 1 month to India - so I need this money as a pocket money.

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